Get the road map to build your sales processes and sales team for repeatable and scalable sales.

The Sales Playbook Builder philosophy is simple

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Win More Deals


Predictable Sales


Sales Confidence

When you know how to WIN MORE DEALS in the short term, create PREDICTABLE SALES to drive future revenue, and gain SALES CONFIDENCE to hire, onboard and coach your future sales team, you will have all the necessary tools to rapidly scale your business with confidence. All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools. 

Here at Sales Playbook Builder, we work hard so you don't have to. 


"Drew was easy to work with, open to our questions, and provided us with a great base to work from in the future." -Founder, Clavis Social


Built sales playbook

Consulted on GTM sales strategy

"Drew helped me to transition out of founder-led sales and really think about sales in a more structured way." -Founder, GivePanel

Built sales playbook

Setting sales KPI's

Sales strategy


"We're quantum leaps ahead of where we would have been without Drew." -Founder, Accelerated Analytics

Built sales playbook

Launched new sales motion for new product

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Transition out of founder-led sales

Create High Performing Sales Reps

Sales reps are 33% more likely to be high performing if they follow a well designed sales process. 

1. Document and refine your sales process to create a repeatable and scalable model. 

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Run a High Performing Sales Organization 

70% of top performing companies excel at providing a consistent sales message throughout the buyer's journey. 

2. Create consistent messaging, shaped by your ideal customer profile, then map out the buyer's journey and align it with a well defined sales process. 

Create Repeatable, Scalable Sales

Sales reps spend 30-40% of their time searching for sales collateral. 

3. Create a sales playbook that empowers your new sales reps with a winning sales process, relevant sales information and a pathway to sales success!

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Get the road map to build your sales processes and sales team for repeatable and scalable sales.